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Salt Collection Edible made in Vancouver Since 1993
Maison Cote Edible made in Vancouver®
Sea to Sky Salt ®

All flavours available in the following formats:
Zip Top Bag All flavours 300 to 350 Gr. (unless otherwise noted) $12.00 each, 3 for $28.00 (Coarse or semi coarse sea salt)

Shipping add $5.00 for BC or Alberta, add $10,00 for the rest of Canada

Les Mini sea salt
20 Gr in mini boxes Pacific flakes sea salt
60 Gr.Coarse varius origine sea or mountain salt

*Available at farmers markets,
Granville Island Public Market
Factory, open house, see schedule for Market Event

$5.00 each 3 for $12.00
Les regular Sea salt 300 Gr. $12.00 each 3 for $28.00

Maison Cote sea salt blend staples

- 4 Salt
- Allium Trio (garlic, shallot & onion)
- Arbutus
- Bacon
- Balsamic
- Basil & fig
- Basil & garlic
- Basil & shallot
- Black sea salt

- Blueberrie

- Cabernet merlot

- Celtic Gray Salt
- Chipotle
- Chive( light sensitive)
- Chocolate, (molé style) cayenne & cinnamon
- Chocolate, chipotle, cayenne & habaneros
- Chorizo Chipotle
- Citrus (orange & lemon)
- Cowboy (Chili & Pepper)
- Cranberry & rosemary
- Dill, garlic
- Fennel
- Fig & basil
- Fig & prosciutto

- Fine Herbes
- Forestiere( porcini & black truffle)
- Garlic & parsley
- Ginger, garlic & cilantro
- Ghost pepper
- Habaneros
- Herbes de Provence
(Dry salt)
- Herbe de Provence
(wet salt)
- Hibiscus
- Hot Daddy
- Lavender
- Lemon
- Lime
- Lime & chili
- Lovage(light sensitive & seasonal)
- Madras Curry Fennel & poppy seed (light sensitive)
- Maple
- Maple Pecan
- Mediterranean
- Men in training (Mild heat)
- Merlot
- Meyer lemon
- Morrocan
- Organic Pacific
- Porcini
- Prosciutto & fig
- Raspberries & Rosemary
- Real Men Salt (Hot)
- Rose petal
- Rose, lavender
- Rosemary, garlic

- Rustic Italian

- Sea to sky (ocean & mountain salt)
- Shallot & parsley
- Shallot & basil
- Smoked paprika
- Smoked & spicy
- Sour cherry & herbs (Seasonal )
- Spinach
- Spinach and pecan
- Spinash, garlic, lemon
- Star anis
- Strawberry & Porto
- Strawberry & tarragon
- Stupid Hot
- Summer breeze (basil tomatoes)
- Steveston ( great for sea foods, fish)
- Tarragon
- Tarragon, lemon
- Tarragon, strawberry
- Toasted, onion & basil
- Tomato, bacon & pesto
- Tomato, garlic, basil
- Trio sea salt( French, New zealand & bolivian Salt)
- Tumeric & saffron
- Tuscan aromas
- Unkosher sea salt (bacon)

- Vancouver Style
- Vanilla

- West end Girl( my very famous raspberry sea salt)
- West end Men ( espresso, & chili flakes...)

Vancouver Sea Salt Sampler Pacific Flake sea salt Mini box (20 Gr) $5.00 each or 3 / $12.00
Round jar (40Gr.) $7.00 each or 2 / $12.00

Ghost Pepper sea salt
(hot sea salt)
give a nice heat to salsa or any dish...
West End Girl
(Raspberry sea salt)
perfect with chicken, duck, tuna, beef or just on a pear salad...
Porcini sea salt.
Great on a steak, pork, chicken, roasted vegetables...
Vanilla sea salt
Great on Salmon, halibut & scallop, fantastic on hot chocolat & caramel...
Maple & pecan sea salt
(Sea salt infuse with Quebec maple sugar & pecan)
great on curry, chicken, duck, lamb, pork...
Basil, garlic sea salt
My first creation 20 year ago still my prefert one.
Sea to Sky
(Pink Bolivian salt & organic Pacific sea salt)
For every day use
West End Men
(Espresso, oregano, chili & black pepper)
Perfect for ribs
Unkosher sea salt
(Bacon & prochuto sea salt)
Great on egg, aspergus...
Balsamic vinegar sea salt
Great on salad, potatoes or salsa...
Rosemary & garlic
(Another clasic of La Maison Cote)
Perfect on pork, chicken, fish, potatoes...
Raspberry & rosemary sea salt
(My pride & joy created in 2005 for a cooking class)
choose as # 54 of 101 things to eat before you die by the vancouver magasine 2009
Hot Daddy sea salt
Blend with cayenne, chipotle, habaneros, pepper, ghost pepper...
Will give a nice kick to your foods great on popcorn or nuts...
Ginger, garlic & cilantro sea salt
Perfect to bring a bit of orient to your stir fry...
Lemon sea salt
Great for fish, chicken, salad
Honey, Lavender sea salt
Great on Lentil, lamb, prawn, caramel, chocolat...
Black sea salt
scallop, halibut, chicken brest, potatoes
Tomato, bacon & pesto sea salt
Egg, potatoes, avocado...


Maldon Sea salt Flakes Why paid more

Maldon Sea Salt is now one of the best recognised brands in the market. Its soft white flaky crystals are completely natural, without artificial additives, giving Maldon Sea Salt a distinctive texture and salty flavour, which means less, is required. Free from the bitter after-taste often associated with other salts, its characteristic clean fresh taste enhances the flavour of all natural and fine foods.
240 Gr Box 6.99 per box
1.5 Kilo Bucket $39.99


Using traditional smoking methods to gently cold smoke the salt crystals, ensures a truly exciting taste. Its pronounced and distinctive 'salty' taste combined with a deliciously subtle smoky flavour, adds sophistication to your favourite dishes. Great on shellfish and meats, use in sauces, salsas, soups and marinades.
Box 125 GR Price $7.50 per box


These Organic whole black peppercorns are hand-picked in the Kerala region of Southern India, an area renowned for growing the worlds finest pepper. For freshness the sun-dried peppercorns are sealed in convenient foil packs, capturing the full hot, spicy, aromatic flavour and quality of the pepper.
Box 40 Gr Price $7.99

Pre order only, no Shipping
Pick up at the
Marpole Production Facility 2-9059 Shaughnessy Street Vancouver Under appointment only or open house see schedule online



140 Gr. $15.00 Each 2/ $25.00
Coarse Smoked Alderwood sea salt (smoked 4 Day, dark brown color fantastic flavor)
Stone ground Hickory sea salt
Stone ground Applewood
Bali Style smoke with coconut and lime sea salt
West coast fusion Alderwood & Bali
Sea Salt
Smoked Alderwood & Bolivian rose



Specialty Sea Salt

Saffron Sea Salt
Summer Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt
Summer Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt infused with parmesan reggiano cheese

Perfect as finishing salt on any of your dishes I just love it on asparagus, egg, pasta, sea food, Yam fry, Popcorn, scallop, green beans, potatoes...

40 Gr. for $15.00 each

Great tip for your TSS take raw cachou spray a minimum of olive oil on them and a pinch of truffle sea salt

Rim the edge of a martiny glass serve the martiny with a prawn and scallop liquid Dinner


"Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all." Nelson Mandela

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