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Order Information
We ship World Wild Except to the USA

If you are not in a rush I will mail your order
cost of the products + shipping

Unfortunately, alone in a small company I just have to do it all, I love to say yes & put myself in trouble. if I forgot to send you an email confirmation or your order, Just remind me as I really forget, it's never done with malice, just too much on my plate

To our Americans Friends

Unfortunately we could not ship into the USA at this time, as with the new bioterroriste act, the USA administration have put in the same bag best friends and enemies, unfortunately for a small business it is very hard to justified the cost to a US agent to prove then we are not a potential bioterroriste, sorry Friends you will have to come to Canada to have our fantastic products.

If you live in Vancouver region or visiting Vancouver we could deliver to your house or hotels for a $5.00 flat fee delivery charge + the cost of the products

We offer as well for most part of Canada a Flat fee Box
$13.00 for up to 5 Kilo / 11LBS

PS We are working hard to rebuild a new website where it will be very easyer to order online
Thank you for you patience

A very grateful
Jean-Pierre Cote
Maison Cote edible made in Vancouver ®
Sea to Sky Salt ®




"Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all." Nelson Mandela

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