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Herb & Spices Collection- Gourmet products at warehouse prices

Zip Top Bags All flavours (unless otherwise noted) $12.00 each, 3 for $28.00 - mix and match

Arbutus blend
fine sea salt, shallots, chives, garlic, toasted onion & green peppercorns
Artichoke dip
Asian Steak seasoning
Crush black, white & Sichuan pepper, sea salt, Madras curry, lemon peel, mustard seed, chili flakes, citric acid, garlic, onion, shallot, celeri seeds & organic sugar.
Basic Italian
Basil, oregano & rosemary
Basil Sunset
Basil, tomatoes flakes, lemon & orange peel, shallot & garlic
Basil,garlic, Lemon peel &citric acid
Curry Seasoning
Madras Curry, basil, toasted onion, mango, pepper, cane sugar
Curry Coconut mango dip
Madras curry, black & green pepper, dry vegetables, shallot, garli, onion, basil, coconut, mango & celery seeds
Egg Sesoning
tarragon,chive, shallot, pepper, sea salt
Fine Herbes
Tarragon, parsley. chevril & sallot
Fish seasoning
Dill weed and seed, fennel, bay leaf, lemon peel, parsley, black , green & pink peppercorn.
French seasoning
Shallot, basil, tarragon, black and green pepper, dill weed, lemon peel, sea salt
Foccacia herbs blend
Basil, oregano, rosemary, garlic lemon peel, sea salt & pepper
Herbes de Provence
Thyme, basil, oregano, rosemary, marjoram, savory & lavender
Mediterranean Delight
with fenel seeds
Men in Trainning
Paprika, habaneros, crack black pepper & chive
oregano, garlic, black pepper, citrus peel & citric acid
Pesto galore
Basil, garlic, tomatoes
Basil, oregano, pepper, lavender
Real men Seasoning
Habaneros, chipotle, smoked paprika, black pepper, celery seeds & parsley.
Rustic Italian
Basil oregano rosemary chili garlic pepper celery seed
Salmon Delight
(Dill weed, garlic, lemon peel & citric acid
Stir Fry magic
Oregano basil rosemary onion garlic shallot
Southwest Seasoning
Chili powder, cumin, smoked paprika, sweet paprika, dried oregano, coriander, cayenne pepper, garlic, chipotle, crushed red pepper, cane sugar, sea salt & black pepper...
toasted onion,garlic & shallot
Tuscan Aromas
more for soups & sauce
Vegetarian seasoning
Tarragon, parsley, oregano, thyme, marjoram, shallot, garlic, basil, mint, celtic sea salt
Vancouver Steak seasoning
Smoke paprika, thyme, oregano, basil, garlic, shallot, toasted onion, black pepper, mustard seeds, sea salt, celery seeds
Vancouver Jerk Seasoning
Habaneros, chipotle, thyme, oregano, Kitsilano pepper, allspices, nutmeg, onion, shallot, sea salt, organic cane sugar
West Cost seasoning
Sweet paprika, fine organic sea salt, black pepper, organic cane sugar, parsley, dill weed, onion, garlic, bay leaf, marjoram, savory, basil, rosemary, caraway
Food grade Lavender flower

Rubs ($12.00 each, 3 for $28.00 - mix and match)
My rub are done with a wonderful balance of flavors,
Perfect for BBQ or the oven

Asian Rub
Beef Rub
Chicken Rub
Chipotle Rub
Chocolate Rub
Coffee Rub
Cowboy Rub
Duck Rub
Fish Rub
Hell Rub
Hot Daddy Rub
Lamb Rub
Madras Curry Rub
Morrocan Rub
Pork Rub
Salmon Rub

Smoked Rub
Southwest Rub
Tandoorie Rub

My rub are done with brown sugar, sea salt and lot of herbs and spices
I could do them with half sugar or salt or with no sugar or salt under request need couple days ahead)
Over 200 spices and blends gathered from the four corners of the world.
From the basic to the exotic I got it .
in Glass jars from $3.75 to $6.00

4 ounces Glass Jar Infused Organic Cane Sugar $6.00 Each or 2 for $10.00

Spices Collection

Allspice, Ground 60gm $3.50
Allspice, Whole 60gm $3.50
Ancho Powder 65gm $3.50
Anise Seed, Ground 55gm $3.50
Anise Seed, Whole 45gm $3.50
Arrowroot Powder 60gm $3.50
Basil Leaves 20gm $3.00
Bayleaf, Whole 10gm $3.50
Bayleaf Ground 10gm $3.50
Bouquet Garni - 6 Sachets 15gm $3.50
Cajun Spice Blend 90gm $4.50
Caraway Seed 65gm $3.50
Cardamon, Ground Black 70gm $4.50
Cardamon, Whole Green 45gm $3.50
Caribe Chili Flakes 40gm $3.50
Cayenne Pepper 60gm $3.50
Celery Sea Salt 120gm $3.50
Celery Seed, Whole 55gm $3.50
Chervil, Leaf French 15gm $3.50
Chili Pequin Flakes 40gm $4.50
Chilies, Crushed 40gm $3.50
Chili Citrus30gm $3.50
Chinese Five Spice 40gm $3.50
Chipotle Flakes 50gm $5.00
Chipotle Powder 55gm $5.00
Cinnamon, Ground Honan 50gm $3.50
Cinnamon Sticks 12'" 7 Stick $6.00
Citric Acid Powder 100gm $3.50
Cloves, Ground 45gm $4.50
Cloves, Whole 45gm $4.50
Coriander, Ground 40gm $3.50
Cumin, Whole Seed 55gm $3.50
Cumin, Ground Indian 40gm $3.50
Curry Powder, Madras 55gm $3.50
Dill Weed 20gm $4.50
Fennel Seed 50gm $3.50
Garlic, granulated 85gm $3.50
Ginger, Ground Jamacian 50gm $3.50
Habanero, Ground 60gm $4.50
Herbes de Provence 20gm $4.50
Italian Basic $4.50
Lavender Flowers, French 10gm $3.50
Lemon Pepper 90gm $5.50
Lemon Zest, Natural 55gm $3.50
Long pepper Bali style $ 5.50
Marjoram, Rubbed 5gm $3.50
Vancouver Steak Spice 100gm $5.50
Mustard Seed, Black 80gm $3.50
Mustard Seed, Yellow 90gm $3.50
New Mexico Chili Powder 65gm $3.50
Old Montreal Seasoning 85gm $5.50
Onion Toasted 60gm $3.50
Orange Zest, Natural 50gm $4.50
Oregano, Turkish 20gm $3.50
Paprika, Spanish 50gm $5.00
Pink pepper corn whole $5.00
Poultry rub 65gm $5.50
Rosemary, Leaves 40gm $3.50
Sage, Ground 30gm $3.50
Sage, Leaves 15gm $3.50
Savoury, Whole 25gm $3.50
Shallots, 50gm $3.50
Spearmint Leaves 10gm $3.50
Star Anise, Whole 55gm $4.50
Stupid hot blend $6.50
Tarragon, French Leaves 5gm $4.50
Thyme, French Leaves 25gm $3.50
Tumeric, Ground 55gm $3.50

Those products will be available at the Production facility in Marpole Deliver for a fee in Vancouver Region or mail to you
A larger collection of World edibles will be add regularly to our website there is no reason to paid full price when you could have it at real Warehouse price



"Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all." Nelson Mandela

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